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January 6, 2022

A dumbbell and band leg workout suitable for everyone that you can do at home! This is a workout taken from the app ELL-EVATE which is available to download on the App Store & Google Play. Follow the link below to sign up for as little as £4.16 a month!

What does ELL-EVATE do?
- Calculate your macros & calories (telling you your maintenance, deficit and surplus calories)
- Allows you to track your food and include your favourite snacks
- Gives you a meal plan that changes daily (choose from vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or standard)
- Allows you to easily swap out meals on your meal plan for other meals
- Gives you access to over 1500 recipes
- Gives you a space to track your progress
- Enables you to track your water
- Gives you access to speak to a nutritionist whenever you need
- Gives you access to a library of home workouts suitable for all levels with minimal equipment

and much much more!!

If you have any questions about ELL-EVATE then leave a comment below :)

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#legworkout #workout #homeworkout

#legworkout #workout #homeworkout