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July 23, 2022

25 Min Full Body Pilates Workout for Long & Lean Muscles w/ light hand weights |
Sanne Vloet

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Hiii babes,

I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!

The content Creator has finally been able to finalize the name for the platform and that makes really excited! We really liked the original name and couldn't really leave it there so We chose to combine Sanne Vloet and Soul Sync Body which lead to SanneSync and We loooooove how it sounds! It's close to the original idea but also more personalized. It's been a journey with this name to say at least, haha!

Anyway, I'm so grateful for the continuing support for SanneSync and the community that is starting to grow. It's so empowering to see people come together and work towards being better versions of themselves. A special thank you to all of the members who have completed one of two weeks of the 2-week Pilates program on the platform! So proud of you!

If you haven't joined yet We still wanted to share a really great full body Pilates workout from the archives. Let know what you think!



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