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February 8, 2022

A whole day of meal prep! breakfast, lunch & dinner. Each recipe creates four portions and these meals will last for 3 days in the fridge, or you can freeze them for up to a month! We buy the prep pots from Morrisons. To portion out your meal prep you can either a) weigh your pan before cooking, then weigh it when the food is cooked, minus the weight of the pan and divide by 4 or b) roughly divide the recipe into 4 once cooked, but weigh the pots as you go so that they all equal the same (only good if the pots are the same brand/weight!). Full ingredients list is below and there are lot's more recipes on the instagram! hope you like the video! Ells xxx

396 KCAL PER PORTION (25.3g C, 19.2g F, 31.3g P)
8 eggs
8 bacon medallions
handful of spinach
4 slices of cheese
4 muffins

422 KCAL PER PORTION (42.3g C, 10.3g F, 39.3g P)
500g fresh gnocchi
400g chopped tomato
20g parmesan
400g diced chicken breast
100g low fat mozzarella
60g chorizo
fresh basil
1 TBSP Italian herb seasoning
1 TSP parmesan

388 KCAL PER PORTION (39g C, 34g P, 10g F)
40g pesto
400g diced chicken
40g reduced fat pesto
50g sun dried tomato
100g tomatoes
100g low fat mozzarella
400ml chicken stock
500g cooked rice (or 2 bags of microwave rice uncooked)
1 TBSP Italian seasoning

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#mealprep #mealprepping #lowcalorie

#mealprep #mealprepping #lowcalorie