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June 25, 2022

Come behind-the-shoot on Evoke’s 2022 Bikini Photoshoot with model Anna Katharina. Anna Katharina (@akatharinav) is an American swimsuit model who has graced Evoke’s channel on multiple video shoots. You can find more videos of instagram model Anna Katharina on the channel!

Do you guys want more BTS from the photo and video shoots in future videos? Let know in the comments!

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Evoke is Youtube's fastest growing swimwear fashion & lifestyle channel! Traveling the world to feature the world’s most beautiful models & influencers in stunning 4K cinematic portraits for the viewers. Previously featured bikini models include Anna Katharina, Liza Kovalenko, Sophia Beverly, Sydney Lint, Bruna Lima, Leanna Bartlett, & so many more!

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