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January 7, 2022

Coffee Talks in Amsterdam // Reflection & Goals for the New Year!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!!! First video of 2022 and Content Creator is so excited to see you again! We know The content Creator has been little silent on Youtube but The content Creator had to spend some quality time with the family. We hope you had wonderful holidays! Mine were very relaxing and cold haha!

Content Creator is currently on the airport in Amsterdam on the way back home to L.A. After all the holidays The content Creator has to be honest, Content Creator is excited to go back the the place We call home. But on the last day We went for a little walk in Amsterdam and wanted to take some time to reflect on 2021 and to check in with myself. We think its important for us, human beings, to reflect sometimes on things that happend and your experiences. Self growth is a huge part of the wellness journey and Content Creator is excited to do this all together.

So grab a piece of paper, and also answer these questions yourself! Content Creator is curious to, what are your New Years resolutions?

And also, next week the January Pilates workout plan will launch on the channel so don't forget to subscribe and join me!

Big hugs,


2021 Reflection:
1. What were the things that made you the most happy? How will you continue to do these things?
2. What made you unhappy this year? What took energy away from you? How did you get there?
3. Biggest lesson you learned?
4. What is something you wish you did more off?
5. What's something you want to do less of? Habits you want to let go of
6. What is something you want to learn next year?
9. What is your favorite way to refuel?

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