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November 8, 2021

2 Lunch/Dinner Recipes & 1 Sweet Treat, Ingredients below. Save 50% off MyProtein when you use the code 'ELLENA' and link

Chicken Rice Bake (4 portions - 390 kcal: 11.6g F, 33.9g C, 34.7g P)
400g chicken breast, 1 + 1/2 packs of vegetable rice, 500g passata, fresh basil, 300g tomatoes, 40g chorizo, 100g mozzarella

Sausage & Pepper Pasta (4 portions - 359 kcal: 7g F, 47g C, 22g P)
6 chicken sausages, fresh basil, 450g cooked pasta (200g dry), 500g passata, 30g parmesan, 60g light philadelphia cream cheese, 150g red pepper)

Flapjacks (9 big pieces - 282 kcal: 15.1g F, 27.6g C, 8.4g P)
Wet Ingredients:
- 150g @myprotein peanut butter
- 50g runny honey
- 20g @myprotein coconut oil
- Vanilla @myprotein Flavdrops OR a sweetener to taste
- 1 TBSP milk

Dry Ingredients:
- 180g oats
- 1 TSP cinnamon
- Salt

Optional Topping:
- 90g white choc
- Raspberries
- 1/2 @myprotein ruby chocolate bar

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#mealprep #lowcalrecipes #lowcalmeal

#mealprep #lowcalrecipes #lowcalmeal