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May 30, 2022

A fully tracked day of eating including lunch out. Macros & calories included, aiming for 1775 KCAL (140g P, 180g C, 55g F). Full ingredients listed below for each recipe. Let's get ready to feel GOOOOOD for summer and remember, you CAN still eat all the good food and socialise with your friends whilst reaching your goals! Ells xxxx

Coffee: 88kcal (9.9g C, 4.5g F, 1.5g P)
150ml Oatly Barista milk

Banoffee Pie Weetabix: 462 kcal (55.4g C, 7.3g F, 42.3g P)
2 protein weetabix
150g 0% fat yogurt
20g MyProtein caramel whey
50g Banana
75ml skimmed milk
15g lotus biscoff spread

MyProtein Chocolate Orange Layer Bar: 227 kcal (18g C, 7.8g F, 20g P)

Nandos: 517 kcal (55g C, 16.4g F, 38.7g P)
Chicken pitta lemon & herb with chilli jam
Coke zero

MyProtein choc crispies: 169 kcal (18g C, 6.5g F, 9g P)

BBQ calzone pizza: 335 kcal (34.6g C, 10g F, 24.6g P)
1 wrap
1/4 pepper
MyProtein sugarfree BBQ sauce
50g cooked chicken
15g mozzarella & cheddar mix
Egg wash

TOTAL DAILY CALORIES: 1799 KCAL (190g C, 52g F, 136g P)

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