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April 25, 2022

A fully tracked day of eating to feel good for summer!! Please watch this video to see how you don't need to cut out any foods in order to reach your goals. Life is about b a l a n c e and i hope this video shows you that. Let know if you have any questions :) Ells xx

Aiming for 1855 calories - 140g P, 200g C, 55g F

2 COFFEES - 177 kcal - 19.8g C, 9g F, 3g P
300ml oat milk

Raspberry & White Choc Weetabix - 371 kcal - 37.3g C, 5.8g F, 33.9g P

2 protein Weetabix
150g 0% fat yoghurt
1 scoop MyProtein cereal whey
50g frozen raspberries
10g white chocolate

Greek Chicken Tacos - 432 kcal - 33g C, 10.9g F, 49.1g P

2 small taco wraps
10g feta
150g chicken breast
1 tsp paprika
Lemon juice
1 tsp oregano
2 tbsp yoghurt
Grated cucumber

MyProtein choc crispies - 169 kcal - 18g C, 6.5g F, 9g P

SNACK 2: 138 kcal - 19.3g C, 5.5g F, 3.7g P
2 Rice cakes
10g peanut butter
30g banana
5g honey

DINNER: 518 kcal - 60.7g C, 12.3g F, 40.4g P
Chicken & Chorizo pasta
(Serves 4)

60g chorizo
40g parmesan
80g red onion
400g chicken breast
400g chopped tomato
150ml light cream
280g macaroni pasta
50g red pepper
1 tsp garlic
2 tsp paprika
2 tsp Italian seasoning

DESSERT - 44 kcal - 8.5g C, 0.9g F, 0.4g P
Options hot chocolate

1849 - 196g C, 51g F, 139g P

This whole day of food was tracked on ELL-EVATE app!! Today is the last day that you can use code ELLEVATE25 to save 25% on your subscription.

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♡ Content Creator is 26 years old
♡ Content Creator is studying Osteopathy at university
♡ Content Creator is a PT, online coach & content creator from London
♡ We use a Sony ZV1 camera to film

#whatieatinaday #fulldayofeating #calories

#whatieatinaday #fulldayofeating #calories