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February 16, 2022

A full day of eating with macros and calories for just £5 a DAY!! 140g Protein! Macros, calories, recipe and price for each meal:

Coffee - 59 kcal: 6.6g C | 3g F | 1g P
18p per 100ml milk
Capsule - 60p
Total cost: 78p per coffee

Protein porridge - 441 kcal: 49g C | 13.2g F | 29.4g P
Gluten free oats 50g - 0.10p
Whey protein - 0.51p per 25g scoop
Banana - 14p
Choc - 10p for 10g
Peanut butter - 0.04p for 10g
Total cost: 89p per portion

MyProtein layer bar - 227 kcal: 18g C | 7.8g F | 20g P
Total cost: £1.21 per bar

Fajita chicken burger - 401 kcal: 35.7g C | 13.4g F | 32.1g P (macros inc avocado - so are slightly less in this video as We didn't have any!)
2.80 - chicken mince
45p for 1 pepper
11p for 1/2 red onion
40p for 2 slices of cheese
2 for 2 packs of rice
70p for 1 avocado
9p for tortilla chips
40p for lettuce
Total cost - £6.95 for 4 portions
£1.73 a portion

MyProtein choc crispies - 169 kcal: 18g C | 6.5g F | 9g P
Total cost: 79p per pack

Bruschetta Pasta - 389 kcal: 46g C | 5g F | 34.6g P
30p for 220g pasta
3.38 for 400g chicken breast
0.00075p for 10g garlic
0.15p for basil
0.20p for balsamic glaze
0.62 for parmesan
0.47 for tomato
0.10p for 1/2 red onion
Total cost: 5.22 for 4 portions
£1.30 per portion


Sign up to the app and get your macros/calories for £4.16 a month!

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♡ Content Creator is 26 years old
♡ Content Creator is studying Osteopathy at university
♡ Content Creator is a PT, online coach & content creator from London
♡ We use a Sony ZV1 camera to film

#whatieatinaday #fulldayofeating #budgetmeals

#whatieatinaday #fulldayofeating #budgetmeals