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February 4, 2022

Watch More of Karin Moskalensky & other @Evoke Models Here:

Los Angeles based Karin Moskalensky joins EVOKE for a swimwear photoshoot on a beautiful but scorching hot summer day in Malibu!

Evoke's Essential 5 For Men Kit:
➥ Cologne (chosen by the models!):
➥ Flashlight:
➥ Grafton Pen:
➥ Key Organizer:
➥ Wallet:
➥ Bonus - Rambler:

Monthly Book Club: Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferris:

Production Kit Essentials:
➥ Go-To Camera:
➥ Favorite Lens:
➥ Reflector:
➥ SmallRig MultiTool:
➥ $10 Must-Have Exposure Tool:
➥ Lighting:

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