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July 25, 2022

I let the Instagram followers decide the whole day!!! We can’t believe how many We managed to predict guys. Hope you enjoy watching this weeks video! Ells xxx

Protein porridge: 414 kcal (27.2g P, 10.6g F, 49.4g C)
- 50g oats
- water
- 10g biscoff spread
- 25g MyProtein Cereal whey
- Frozen raspberries
- 20g granola

Pizza Bagels: 474 kcal (41g C, 16.4g F, 38.2g P)
- 1 bagel
- 10g tomato puree
- italian seasoning
- 20g red leicester cheese
- 20g chorizo
- 70g cooked chicken breast
- red pepper

Oat milk iced latte - 98 kcal (12.5g C, 4.5g F, 1.3g P)

MyProtein layer bar -227 kcal (18g C, 7.8g F, 20g P)

Chicken Fried Rice: 370 kcal (33.5g C, 3.8g F, 49.4g P)
- 100g rice
- 170g chicken breast
- 1 TBSP soy sauce
- 1 TBSP teriyaki sauce
- 1 egg white
- spring onion
- broccoli
- mushrooms

Fab Ice Lolly - 81 kcal (13.4g C, 2.9g F, 0,3g P)

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#challenge #food

#challenge #food