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December 20, 2021

I definitely didn't re invent the mince pie because after filming this We found out that puff pastry mince pies are already a thing haha!! We hope you enjoy this chilled Christmas vlog :) Ells xxx

137 KCAL PER PIE - 4.2g F, 22.4g C, 2g P

- 240g reduced fat puff pastry (see the story - We got mine from Morrison’s!)
- 240g mincemeat
- 1 egg (just for the wash)

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C
2. Cut around a jar (I used a biscoff jar) to form the base of the pies (roughly 15g of pastry each)
3. Take a silicon muffin tray and line each slot with the pastry
4. Fill with 20g mincemeat each
5. Then cut strips from the left over pastry and form a cross on top
6. Wash with the egg and cook for 15-20 mins
7. Leave to cool before popping out!

If you make it then tag I’d love to see 🎄🎄

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#lowcalmincepies #vlog #mincepierecipe

#lowcalmincepies #vlog #mincepierecipe