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July 25, 2022

Watch more swimwear bikini fashion shows from brands like Luli Fama and bikini models like Priscilla Ricart, Cindy Prado, Charly, Jordan, Kamilia Davies, & more HERE:

Evoke launches into Swimwear Fashion heading to Miami Swim Week 2022 to cover the latest in swimwear and bikini design for the viewers! Bikini models Priscilla Ricart, Charly Jordan, Cindy Prado, Georgina Mazzeo, Shannon De Lima, Jena Frumes, & so many more grace the runway of this show.

Luli Fama showcased a four-part collection on the runway at Paraiso Miami Beach for Swim Week 2022. Vibrant, colorful prints from metallic blues to lime green and everything in between - left guests of the fully attended show wanting each piece that came down the runway. Aerialists were strung above the catwalk while each model came out showing each new look

Special thanks to Luli Fima & Paraiso for this incredible show during Swim Week 2022

Models featured include Priscilla Ricart, Kamilia Davies, Charly Jordan, Cindy Prado, Georgina Mazzeo, Shannon De Lima, Jena Frumes, Stephanie Peterson, Mieke Visser, Kellie stewart, Jasmine Blandford, Alexis King, Nina Nicole, & More!

Comment your favorite moment & timestamp the models if you recognize them!

0:00 Intro
0:06 Mieke Visser
0:26 Zandria Theis
0:48 Lou Shieffelin
1:05 Stephanie Peterson
1:25 Steph Rayner
1:47 Ashley Haas
2:06 Priscilla Ricart
2:30 Leidy Amelia
2:53 Shannon De Lima
3:09 Jena Frumes
3:33 Please Tag!
3:54 Kamila Davies
4:16 Charly Jordan
4:36 Cindy Prado
4:56 Georgina Mazzeo
5:15 Kellie Stewart
5:34 Nina Nicole
5:53 Ashley Haas
6:12 Stephanie Peterson
6:14 Kellie Stewart
6:39 Shannon De Lima
7:00 Priscilla Ricart
7:20 Kamila Davies
7:42 Florence
8:00 Charly Jordan
8:22 Georgina Mazzeo
8:42 Steph Rayner
9:05 Mieke Visser
9:22 Ashley Haas
9:43 Nina Nicolee
10:00 Cont.

The EVOKE Team


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This is a fashion music video with apparel and swimwear models in professional settings that reflect the artistic expression of both model and production team for the brand. Enjoy and thank you for watching!

Until next time,
The EVOKE Team

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