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April 13, 2022

I created this model film on the last vacation and We just wanted to share it with you all.
This is NOT a sponsored video or supported to be marketing. We made this video just for fun (I used Transderma because it is the go to skincare that We love) and because We really like to watch videos like this myself (like shorter model videos). We love being creative and learn new things in photo and film and that was the vision with this video. If We never try We will never learn.

For those of you who do not like this sort of videos and do not think they are suitable for the platform We hope you can see pass it and just skip this type of videos in the future (I put this part in because The content Creator has got feedback from some of the followers that they do not think this type of material is suitable for the platform). This type of videos is more for the creative side and We make them because We think it is fun and We love creating them and sharing is a part of the fun. We will still always upload review videos each Wednesday and Saturday as The content Creator has always done, so this is still a review channel, We promise =) But We do have a very creative side of that do not always gets 100% satisfied with only the review videos. As much as We love modeling We do love the part of being creative more and The content Creator has so many ideas and love to see all the pieces in an idea come to place in the final result. We hope you all understand, We do love and respect all of the followers and do not want anyone to think that the channel is taking a turn away from reviews.

I do post much more of the creative work on the Patreon for those of you who like the more creative side of the social medias: →

Make sure to watch in 4K quality!

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