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March 22, 2022

When Kelly walks off into that sunset at the end though! Drop your favorite moment in the comments below. You can catch more of Kelly Kay & other @Evoke models HERE!

Between crashing the Super Bowl and her other shenanigans model Kelly Kay heads to the tropical paradise island of Bali with the EVOKE team to create video magic! Kelly Kay is a well known internet model and sensation and an absolute joy to shoot with. This compilation also features previous EVOKE Model features including Liza Kovalenko, Sydney Lint, Sophia Russo, Deanna Leggett, Anna Katharina, & Karin Moskalensky!

Time Stamps:
0:00 | Kelly Kay (NEW!)
1:27 | Liza Kovalenko
2:22 | Sydney Lint
2:57 | Sophia Russo
4:43 | Deanna Leggett
5:50 | Anna Katharina
7:20 | Karin Moskalensky
8:28 | Outtro

NOTE: This is a Fashion Music Video with a model in professional studio settings for a swimwear brand that reflects the artistic expression of both model and production team. Respect the art & the models or be removed immediately.

Thanks for watching! Until next time,
The EVOKE Team

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