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June 21, 2022

@Fashion Nova

Thanks for watching everyone! We hope this video helped you or you found it entertaining! If you enjoyed it make sure to like, comment and subscribe!!
Love you all & thank you for all the positive support!

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1.Beaches And Moonlight 3 Piece Sunsuit Set - Rust
2.Beach Side Dream Cut Out 2 Piece Bikini - Black
3.Focus On 3 Piece Bikini Set - Green
4.Safari Beach 2 Piece Bikini - Brown/combo
5.Switching Up Reversible 2 Piece Bikini - Black/combo
6.Jungle Getaway 2 Piece Bikini - Black/Brown
7.Velvet Waves 2 Piece Bikini - Blue
8.Sexy Single Summer 2 Piece Bikini - Orange
9.Cabo For The Weekend 3 Piece Bikini Set - Eggplant
10.Dinner By The Beach 3 Piece Bikini Set - Chartreuse
11.Jets To The Dayclub 2 Piece Bikini - Green/combo
12.Caribbean Getaway 2 Piece Sunsuit - Peach/combo
13.Twerk In The Pool Thong 2 Piece Bikini - White
14.Island Feeling 2 Piece Cover Up Set - White

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