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August 8, 2022

3 high protein recipes with macros & calories. Full ingredients lists are below! Total calories: 1735 (140g P, 170g C, 55g F). Remember not to copy the calories as your body will be different from mine but please take inspiration on how We eat to FUEL myself and i have NO restrictions, even a week out from the holiday! We don't ever recommend drastic dieting as it doesn't work and it will only lead to binges, bloating and unhappiness. Try to love your body whatever stage and if you're not feeling good in yourself before your holiday this year then use how you feel as motivation next time to smash your training and food so that you don't feel like that again! Ells xxxx

I tracked this whole day on the app ELL-EVATE! Sign up now from just £4.16 a month and get your own macros, calories and meal plan that changes daily.

BREAKFAST: Oat Cake - 368 kcal (50.7g C, 6.8g F, 27.1g P)
- 50g oats
- 1 scoop myprotein cereal whey
- 1/2 tsp baking powder
- 70ml water
- 10g sugarfree jam
- 20g yogurt

Oat milk Coffee: 88 kcal (9.9g C, 4.5g F, 1.5g P)

Emmi Latte: 78 kcal

LUNCH: Pesto Chicken wrap - 488 kcal (37.9g C, 15.9g F, 48.9g P)
- 1 wrap
- 150g raw chicken breast
- italian herbs
- 20g cream cheese
- 20g reduced fat pesto
- 15g mozzarella
- 5g parmesan
- 1/4 red onion

Fibre one: 84 kcal (11.4g C, 2.6g F, 0.7g P)

DINNER: Salmon Linguine - 532 kcal (44.4g C, 23g F, 32.2g P)
- 55g dried linguine
- 20g low fat cream cheese
- 1/2 lemon juice
- 1/2 tsp parsley
- 100ml light cream
- 2 fillets salmon
- 1/2 tsp garlic salt & paprika
- 1 tsp crushed garlic
- 100g peas

Sign up to the app and get your macros/calories for £4.16 a month! PLUS - your very own meal plan which changes daily AND access to over 1600 recipes and the monthly workout challenges!


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♡ Content Creator is 27 years old
♡ The content Creator has a degree in Human Biology & Osteopathy!
♡ Content Creator is a PT, online coach & content creator from London
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#whatieatinaday #fulldayofeating #calories

#whatieatinaday #fulldayofeating #calories