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April 5, 2022

A fully tracked day of eating 1855 calories (140g P, 200g C, 55g F) tracked on ELL-EVATE app! This is a typical day in the life as a content creator for youtube, tiktok & instagram. Recipes are below! Ells xx

Breakfast: Jammy Dodger Baked Oats - 426 calories (61.8g C, 7.8g F, 26.6g P)
mini pack jammy dodgers
40g apple sauce
10g sugarfree jam
50g oats
25g MyProtein cereal whey

Coffee - 2 x oat milk lattes - 177 calories (19.8g C, 9g F, 3g P)

Snack: MyProtein Layer Bar - 227 calories (18g C, 7.8g F, 20g P)

Lunch: Calzone Pizza Wrap - 414 calories (36.2g C, 9.7g F, 45g P
1 wrap
1 slice turkey bacon
30g sweetcorn
fresh basil
120g chicken breast (raw)
15g low fat cheese

Snack: KitKat - 106 calories (12.5g C, 5.3g F, 1.1g P)

Dinner: Chicken, Bacon & avocado salad - 364 calories (47.9g C, 9.7g F, 21.6g P)
Serves 4
60g half fat creme fraiche
220g dried macaroni pasta
200g chicken breast
1 TBSP chicken seasoning
100g avocado
spring onion
4 rashers turkey bacon

Options Hot Chocolate & Milk - 79 calories (13.5g C, 1.2g F, 4g P)

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♡ Content Creator is 26 years old
♡ Content Creator is studying Osteopathy at university
♡ Content Creator is a PT, online coach & content creator from London
♡ We use a Sony ZV1 camera to film

#whatieatinaday #fulldayofeating #foodhaul

#whatieatinaday #foodhaul #fulldayofeating