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December 19, 2021

We literally did this eye exercise during the morning yoga session in Sri Lanka so We thought it would be pretty accurate to do this challenge...

Check out the full What We Eat in a Day in Sri Lanka on an Ayurveda Retreat

For the first days We was in Sri Lanka We just listened to the body and didn't workout nor move much at all. The Ayurveda doctor practitioners did some studies and one of the things that he discovered with the body was that it wasn't able to fully absorb the nutrients from the foods that We eat (they had a far more in debt explanation that We explain in the vlog linked above) so because of this, they did a full body cleanse through all of the treatments, food and herbal medicine that they gave for the first 3.5 days while We was there. We could feel on the body that it needed rest during this time and so We decided not to workout while going through this cleanse (this was the longest break from working out that I’ve had since joining the gym😜) We think that listening to what the body needs and knowing when to push through and when to let go and relax is an important skill that Content Creator is still practicing. ⁣
point with all of this was to say that you will not lose progress by taking a small break every now and then. It may actually fill you with the energy that is needed to come back stronger 🙌🏼⁣ Content Creator is talking to myself just as much as I’m saying this to you 😉
What does your body need today? What would it appreciate longterm? 🤗

What the workouts look like in Sri Lanka...



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