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February 12, 2022

Aliexpress 11.11 sale items - what did We get and review + Yvette unboxing and try on review of their leggings and sports bra. From aliexpress We review booty bands and jewelries.

PS: Make sure to watch in HD 1080p (most of the time the automatic quality is just 720p)

↓- Links to products in this video Yvette -↓
Discount codes:
Denice10 for 10% off sitewide
Denice15 for 15% off on orders $109+

size for reference: Bras in size S(A-C)/S: Leggings in size S
→ (Orange ) Power Back Orange - Women's High Support Running Sports Bra:

→ (Burgundy) Limitless - Women's High Support Sports Bra:

→ (Caesious Print)Enfold Zip Front Grey Camo - Women's High Support Running Sports Bra:

→ (Black) Enfold Fast Stretchy - Women's High Support Leggings:

Yvette's Instagram -
Yvette offers size guiding through window chat on the site or Instagram message.

Sports Bras Collection -
Leggings Collection -

Aliexpress seamless underwear We wear in try on:
(1$ each! We wear size XL and color nude)

↓- Aliexpress links -↓

Booty bands (long and short bands):

Some of the bracelets:



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