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November 9, 2021

30 MIN Pilates Arms & Abs Workout // Sanne Vloet

Hi Guys!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful wellness month so far! How are you liking all the workouts so far?

Its funny because We normally don't crave winter, cold weather, cozy sweaters and hot drinks but something about this years makes get in the mood a lot! The content Creator has seen so many nice holiday decorations, recipes and more. When it gets colder and we are spending more time inside its sometimes harder to find motivation. We wanna give you a couple of tips which will make it easier:

1. Whatever you look up to on doing, do it first thing in the morning! Get it over with and don't let your whole day influenced by it! Content Creators are often more productive in the morning as well.
2. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and take that time for yourself and write out your goals, knowing your goals it will make it easier to stay focused and motivated!
3. Find a buddy to keep you accountable! Maybe its a friend, a family member or even me!!
4. Prepare and set yourself up for success!

I hope this little pep talk helped a little because this is something We keep on repeating to myself!

I was thinking to share some more wellness stuff on the Instagram as well, maybe a series on favorite products like protein powders, beauty products etc! What do you think?


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