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July 31, 2022

Beach Bunny Swimwear unveils it's 2023 spring bikini collection during Miami Swim Week 2022 on the fashion runway! Watch More Miami Swim Week 2022 Fashion Shows & the Models walking them HERE:

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Beach Bunny Models & Swimwear Designs
0:00 Intro
0:13 Kara Del Toro
0:30 Fiona Briseño
0:53 Sofia Amora
1:20 Saje Nicole
1:37 Gloria Tang
2:00 Cindy Prado
2:20 Joy Corrigan
2:44 Charly Jordan
3:05 Staci Lyon
3:48 Gloria Tang
4:06 Jennifer Terry
4:28 Brooke Brazelton
4:46 Amber Keaton
5:10 Amanda Williams
5:31 Zandria Theis
5:49 Help tag this model!
6:15 Priscilla Ricart
6:39 Leidy Amelia
6:56 Cindy Prado
7:18 Victoria Bush
7:39 Help tag this model!
8:00 Haylie Turnquest
8:23 Saje Nicole
8:41 Charly Jordan
9:04 Help tag this model!
9:23 Help tag this model!
9:44 Sofia Amora
10:12 Brooke Brazelton
10:34 Amber Keaton
10:56 Hadassah
11:20 Joy Corrigan
11:49 Jennifer Terry
12:10 Gloria Tang
12:33 Priscilla Ricart
12:50 Kara Del Toro
13:23 Zandria Theis
13:46 Haylie Turnquest
14:08 Staci Lyon
14: 28 Gigi Paris
14:54 Leidy Amelia
15:14 Help tag this model!
15:33 Amanda Williams
15:55 Isamia135
16:15 Jennifer Terry
16:38 Help tag this model!
16:58 Fiona Briseno
17:18 Amber Keaton
17:44 Hadassah
18:08 Florence
18:28 Saje Nicole
18:52 Priscilla Ricart
19:12 Charly Jordan
19:34 Cindy Prado
20:00 Joy Corrigan
20:22 Gloria Tang
20:45 Help tag this model!
21:10 Kara Del Toro
21:33 Closing Group Walk
22:23 Closing

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The EVOKE Team


Production Kit Essentials:
➥ Go-To Camera:
➥ Favorite Lens:
➥ Reflector:
➥ SmallRig MultiTool:
➥ $10 Must-Have Exposure Tool:
➥ Lighting:

This is a fashion music video with apparel and swimwear models in professional settings that reflect the artistic expression of both model and production team for the brand. Enjoy and thank you for watching!

Until next time,
The EVOKE Team

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