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February 4, 2022

Day in the Life | How We prep for the week, Skincare Routine, Closet Clean out & What We eat. Go to and start listening today to your favorite Well Being Audio Books.

Hi the lovely friends!

Just checking in how everyone is doing? Today We wanna share another day in the life with you and spend a Sunday with me!

On the weekends We love to be out with friends, go outside and also prepare for a new week! What are your favorite weekend activities? We feel when We organize on Sunday We feel so much more peace at mind for the rest of the week. Do you have this feeling as well?

favorite thing is to just ease slowly into breakfast or brunch. This weekend We might experiment with some new sweet breakfast recipes so if you have any tips or favorite dishes/ recipes. Please share them with me! Oh and a little update, We will be more active on the food account @sanneeats on Instagram so make sure to follow and say hi!

In the video Content Creator is sharing some of the favorite audiobooks but We would love to hear from you if you are currently listening to anything? We would love to expand the list a little further as The content Creator has some trips coming up! We love using audible and there are so many choices in their new Well being guide!

2022 has only just started and We feel there are so many things happening. Content Creator is going to get ready to go to New York next week and a big trip end of the month to Africa! We can't wait to share all the adventures with you.

Big hugs,


ps. Go to and start listening today to your favorite Audio Books around self care, wellness and well being!

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