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October 25, 2021

Hi Guys and welcome to the video!!! 💓
#bikinitryonhaul #beachsissi
The Polka dot bikini:  Lace Double Straps Polka Dot Print Bikini Set

The yellow and stripe bikini: Yellow and Striped Drawstring Side Bikini Set

The Leopard and Floral bikini: Leopard and Floral Print Reversible Bikini Set

The white Floral bikini: Floral Print Knot Front Low Waist Bikini Set

The white and leaf bikini: Lace Up Design Leaf Print Bikini Set

The blue bikini: Floral Print Ruched Bikini Set

Discount code: 10% Off $120+(BC11) OR $5 OFF $59+(BC59)

I hope you guys are HAPPY and HEALTHY. 💘🌈🦋
I hope you’ve all had an amazing day at home with your families and pets! ✨💓
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Love you guys so much thank you for watching 🌈💘
Emily J Monks