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June 12, 2022

Squat proof every day leggings set, skirt, best shorts The content Creator has ever tried and much more in todays review video. Neutral down tones colors for every day and some pop of colors. We hope you will love it!

Make sure to watch in 4K quality!

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↓- Links to products in this video -↓

→ Deep Khaki Tennis Crop Top: WX1445:

→ Deep Khaki Ribbed Leggings: CK1446

→ Brown Zebra Seamless Leggings: BCK6189

→ Khaki Open Back Seamless Bra: 4186

→ Lemon Yellow Shorts: DK1321

→ Fluorescent Yellow Ruched Sports Bra: WX1442

→ Khaki V Neck Seamless Sports Bra: WX5941

→ Khaki Seamless Workout Shorts: ZC5941DK

→ Black Comfortable Gym Shorts: DK1408

→ Khaki Fake 2 Pieces Skirt Shorts: DS-200

Aliexpress seamless underwear We wear in try on:
(1$ each! We wear size XL and color nude)


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Instagram: deniceandree_
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♡ measurements ♡
Waist: 67cm
Tummy: 80cm (5 cm under belly button)
Hips: 103cm
Chest: 93cm
Under chest: 68 cm (for bra size guide)
Thighs: 58-59cm
Leg inner seam: 76 cm (down to lower ancle)

Content Creator is 178cm (i think that is 5’10) tall


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Instagram: deniceandree_

↓General disclaimer for ALL the videos↓
Some of the links can be affiliate links. All opinions mentioned in the video is the own. If the video is sponsored it will be mentioned in the video.
I will always do honest reviews on the channel and everything mentioned in the videos is the genuine thoughts on the specific item. What goes for sizing, squat-proofness (in leggings) support etc We will share the experience from the clothes. Be aware that this experience/thoughts can be different from person to person.


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