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July 27, 2022

Watch More Miami Swim Week 2022 Fashion Shows & the Models walking them HERE:

VDM The Label comes to Miami Swim Week 2022 with this stunning runway swimwear fashion show! Featuring a stunning array of models such as Kellie Stewart, Leidy Amelia, Olivia Ponton, Charly Jordan, Joy Corrigan, Maelyn Roland, Erika Costell, Gorlia Tang, Naomi Koch, and more!

VDM the label was founded by Australian designer Allanah Van Der Mey creates distinctive prints and timeless styles from fabrics sourced from recycled consumer products, such as water bottles and fish nets dragged from the ocean.

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VDM The Label Swim Week:
0:00 Intro
0:04 - Olivia Ponton
0:21 - Maelyn Roland
0:42 - Ruby Snowber
1:05 - Naomi Koch
1:23 - Joy Corrigan
1:45 - Erika Costell
2:10 - Gloria Tang
2:32 - India & Gabriella Halikas
2:54 - Please tag in comments!
3:15 - Steph Rayner
3:40 - Please tag in comments!
4:05 - Ashley Marie Dickerson
4:25 - Charly Jordan
4:50 - Kelly Stewart
5:15 - Marsha Elle
5:39 - Please tag in comments!
5:59 - Steph Rayner
6:19 - Leidy Amelia
6:40 - Eden Fines
7:04 - Olivia Ponton
7:24 - Maelyn Roland
7:45 - Ruby Snowber
8:05 - Naomi Koch
8:25 - Joy Corrigan
8:50 - Erika Costell
9:14 - Gloria Tang
9:40 - Gabriella Halikas
10:00 - India

Thanks for watching! Comment your favorite moment, swimwear design, and model below!

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This is a fashion music video with apparel and swimwear models in professional settings that reflect the artistic expression of both model and production team for the brand. Enjoy and thank you for watching!

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